Who is W. Nanner Flint?


The Cold War is still being fought. The Sandinistas have taken Managua and the contra war is just getting underway. President Reagan reminds the American people how close Texas is to Nicaragua. Two CIA clandestine operatives travel to Chicago. They meet two men at the Hilton hotel on Michigan Avenue. One of the men, Edward Lee Howard, became a Soviet defector. The other, W. Nanner Flint, would go to Panama.

A former Russian-language librarian at the University of Chicago, Flint worked for Mexicana Airlines before entering government service. Eventually Flint would accept an in pectore commission in the Panamanian Defense Forces while fighting the drug war in Miami, Florida. Later, while most men were thinking of slowing down, at the age of 54 Flint went to Iraq.

Flint married and divorced, then married and divorced again. Despite all these experiences, when he returned to the dating pool after a long absence, he could barely float. Women did not talk to him. he was too shy to say anything himself. He didn't know what to do.

This book tells the story of his remarkable transformation; the result of his research into the field of adult dating.

W.Nanner Flint