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Why do I need this Book?

The Game (by Neil Strauss) and other books, seminars and even television shows prove that a haphazard approach to dating will yield only mediocre results. The best approach is a systematic one. Many of the dating systems out there require a good deal of memorization and have become so systematized as to turn into ineffective clichés. This is the first book that focuses on the special needs of the older man who is coming back to dating after the end of a long relationship.

Game at 50 will save you time. The focus on the older man eliminates the time and effort to come up with your own system. The techniques used here require no memorization and have been proven effective, time and time again, even in the most unusual circumstances.

Learn Everything you need to know about Dating One Simple Guide

Game at 50 can easily be read in a few hours. The key chapters will take up much less than that, and the routines are so simple--yet effective--that learning them is trivial. Unlike the need for backfire-prone, extensive scripts sometimes recommended in dating manuals for younger men, Game at 50 recognizes that your time is valuable and so does not waste it.

W. Nanner Flint wrote Game at 50 to help those returning to the dating scene to understand that scene’s dynamic environment. Game at 50 provides you with all the knowledge you need to date again successfully. The book discusses where to go and what to do and how to identify opportunities while gaining valuable insight into the dating scene.

You'll Learn

  • What to do before you go out
  • Where to Go
  • What to Do and Say
  • Dog Years and Making Time Count
  • What to Say on the Phone
  • What Not to Say on the Phone
  • How to Stop Being a Stranger

...and more.

Game at 50 is distributed by Ingram and can be ordered through your local
bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or directly from Andalus

Who is W. Nanner Flint?


The Cold War is still being fought. The Sandinistas have taken
Managua and the contra war is just getting underway. President Reagan reminds the American people how close Texas is to Nicaragua. Two CIA clandestine operatives travel to Chicago. They meet two men at the Hilton hotel on Michigan Avenue. One of the men, Edward Lee Howard, became a Soviet defector. The other, W. Nanner Flint, would go to Panama.


Credits and Disclaimer a/k/a The Fine Print

Game at 50 was not written by Neil Strauss, author of The Game nor published by his publishing house. Artwork on this page is by Hogarth, “Before” and is used here through the courtesy of Getty Images who licensed this work and a companion image, “After” under a Creative Commons license. Photo credit Andalus Publishing 2016.

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